My clinic is the only establishment in this area which offers this well documented anti ageing skin tightening treatment which was fully approved by the FDA based on its safety and effectiveness and is generally only available in Harley Street area London.
Pelleve is a comfortable and safe procedure that doesn't have any downtime.
It works by using radio frequency energy which gradually heats the skin deep down causing collagen fibres to tighten and new collagen to form, this occurs naturally by your own body 30, 60 & 90 days after treatment your body is still working to naturally grow new collagen.
Pelleve is mainly carried out on the face and neck to reverse the signs of ageing and gravity by reducing skin laxity and tightening skin.
Most people gain from having 2-3 treatments approximately every 3 weeks to achieve the desired result, this is discussed however during consultation.
What can I expect?
Pelleve is a comfortable treatment whereby you will feel a heat sensation on your skin, the heat sensation is due to the temperature in the skin being elevated however will subside soon after the treatment allowing you to return to your normal daily activities.
How long does the treatment take?
A full facial treatment can take approximately 45 minutes, we also offer specific areas to be treated such as the eyes, lower or upper face which will take approximately 30 minutes.
How many treatments are recommended?
The recommended amount of sessions initially is 3 sessions approximately 4 weeks apart in order to boost the collagen rebuilding process.  During consultation an appropriate treatment plan will be designed in order to get optimal results.
Is Pelleve right for me?
Pelleve is a treatment for both men and women and has the benefit of providing collagen stimulation with no downtime, it is safe to use all year round and on all skin types, unlike some other treatments it also has the benefit of being able to treat the delicate skin around the eye area and upper lip, also the lower jaw area which is a common problem area.




Pelleve non surgical face-lift

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