This is a non invasive skin rejuvenation treatment which involves radio frequency energy being delivered to the skin using a small hand piece, this is moved over the face, focusing specifically on the areas you feel need the biggest lift. It’s a comfortable and relaxing treatment almost like a soothing facial with the added benefits of stimulating collagen and instant skin tightening.

Why choose this treatment?

Radio frequency skin tightening is a comfortable treatment whereby you will feel a gradual heat sensation which is what causes collagen and fibroblast stimulation with the aim of lifting and tightening the skin.  Its an ideal treatment for both men and women who feel they have lost the youthful tone and elasticity in the skin and or feel have sagging skin, the treatment also aims to improve skin laxity, lines and wrinkles.

Are there any side effects?

Its a non-invasive procedure with low risk and no downtime making it a good choice for many, as with any procedure there is slight risk and although most don't experience side effects there is potential for temporary reddening of the skin or blister or burn.

How many treatments are recommended?

It is possible to have a one off treatment and still benefit however a course of treatments is recommended at approx 2 week intervals, a full treatment plan can be discussed during consultation.

How long does the treatment take?
A full facial treatment can take approximately 40 minutes, we also offer specific areas to be treated such as the eyes, lower or upper face which will take approximately 30 minutes.
Is Radio Frequency skin tightening right for me?
Its a treatment suited for both men and women and has the benefit of providing collagen stimulation and anti ageing effects with no downtime, it is safe to use all year round and on all skin types, this treatment can also be applied to treat the delicate skin around the eye area and upper lip, also the lower jaw and décolletage.

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