This is a quick and effective way to get younger looking more refreshed skin with no downtime, making it ideal for people with busy lifestyles.
Peels can improve the texture and luminosity of your skin, decrease open pores and improve fine lines.
Treatment time can be as quick as 15~20 minutes and your skin will look immediately refreshed.  Peels can be done approximately every 2 weeks and a course of peels will maximise results.
What are Chemical Peels?
Chemical peels produce controlled injury to the skin which in turn promotes new collagen and improved appearance of the skin, they are generally used to treat ageing skin and wrinkles but can also be used in the treatment of sun damage and age spots.
How long do the results last?
With good sun protection, results can last for months even years depending on the strength of the peel used.
How many peels will I need?
You can have a single peel to rejuvenate the skin and maintain cell turnover, however dependant on your required result it may be beneficial having a course of peels carried out every 2-3 weeks until the desired results are achieved, maintenance peels can be performed thereafter when you feel necessary.
How are chemical peels performed?
After consultation your skin will be thoroughly cleansed and then the peel solution will be applied for a short time before being neutralised.
What are the risks of chemical peels?
Superficial peels are generally a safe procedure with no downtime, there may be a slight tingling sensation when the peel is applied and slight reddening to the skin can occur but is likely to settle soon after.




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